What began as a dream and a longing to give back has evolved into an exquisite well of of hand carved teak wood furnishings, Eco-friendly collections, stone statues, fountains, and much, much more. After a life-changing ‘walk-about’ David MacElwain shifted his focus to the world of Indonesian imports. That dream has now manifested into Bali & Beyond – a bustling and eclectic marketplace of exquisite Indonesian design, artistry and craftsmanship. With a 3,200 square feet showroom, each hand picked piece — from solid teak, vintage, antique, fair-trade, Eco-friendly furnishings, to Buddha statues, fountains and stone sinks; original canvas art; drums, jewelry, home décor, and plenty of hidden gems — you’ll find the perfect accent to complement your home, workplace or studio.

Every purchase goes back to helping local families and communities in Bali… and beyond to other parts of Indonesia. We’re thrilled that by using recycled material, including reclaimed teak and rubber materials, we’re helping the environment, the local economy, and the families of people we proudly call our friends.

In David’s own words:
I went on a walk-about and left the fast pace of the city behind. Needed to reconnect with my soul. 
The quiet finally came.
I fell in love with Bali and her many faces.
How could I give back?
The decision was made.
It’s about “trade” not “aid”.

Fair exchange, supporting communities, contributing directly to Eco-sustainable practices, honouring their artistry & traditions. Commerce supports communities and families. I share my gratitude with the people of Bali who made these pieces, and my friends in Calgary who love them and take them home.
The spirit of Bali becomes a part of your own home in a wonderful way…

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