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Hypo-allergenic pillows

Our pillows are hypo-allergenic and resistant to mold and mildew. Stuffed with the natural and sustainable kapok fiber

For the first few trips to Bali, David went to a small shop in Ubud to buy the cushions  and pillows we sell in the store. They are handcrafted and filled with fiber from the  Kapok tree. The fiber is soft, breathable, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It is often called Indonesian  Cotton. It is great for use around the house because it is much lighter than cotton, and it also has a  uniquely down-like softness but without the dust mite or allergen discomforts associated with down  feathers. The Kapok fiber is extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly because the trees from  which it grows do not need to be cut down in order to harvest the fiber. It wasn’t until the third trip to  Bali when David asked the store owner who made the pillows. What he found out left him in awe. They  are all handmade by women from their homes. She continued to tell him that it provides the women with  a great way to work and provide for their family while still being able to take care of their family. There  are around 10 different women who make the pillows and cushions from home, and there are also 3  sewing machines in the store, to allow for finishing touches or repairs.

  • Andrew

    Was in your shop the other day and loved everything in there but didn’t find what I was looking for : a triangle cushion with mat, in the traditional patterned style, rather than just plain colour. Do you ever stock anything like the cushions at the bottom of the photo on the ‘pillows and cushions’ page on your website? If so then I’d like to know, and how much they cost?


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