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We are well known at Bali and Beyond for our great selection of rustic natural tables, which come straight from the craftspeople in Bali we buy from. Recently while in Bali, David was able to secure a large amount of ‘windfall wood’ from a huge downed tree, which will eventually be made into tables, and other furniture. This is really exciting, as we like to be able to reuse materials, as much as possible, instead of using brand new sources of wood for example. ‘Spirit Wood’ will be coming soon!

Each one we bring back with us to Calgary 0is totally unique and has it’s own neat quirks and charms to fall in love with.

Many of our most recent tables are made from Suar Wood.   This type of wood compares favorably to woods such as Black Walnut.  Suar trees grow in many different countries and areas, including Hawaii and it grows naturally in almost every area where it has been introduced.   It may also be known as Rain Tree wood, or Monkey Pod wood.

• Suar trees are also quite fast-growing.  Suar Wood is very popular outside of the tropics because of it’s crisscrossed, interlocking grain, that keeps it from cracking when moved to drier climates.

16 foot long table

16 foot long table

Teak wood also makes for great furniture, of course.  This is because durability and natural weather resistance are two of the big benefits of Teak.

However, since the best wood furniture made from teak comes from mature trees, it can take around 80 years before a teak tree can be harvested for wood.  Because of this, (and because teak is such an excellent wood material),  old teak is often reclaimed – for example, from old fishing boats – and given new life as furniture.

So,  brand new teak wood is quite expensive and actually getting harder to come by.  We are bringing in reclaimed teak pieces,  like the boat wood tables you may have seen at the store.

Allot of the teak furniture we are finding recently in Bali, is coming in the form of interesting benches, boxes, end tables, and the like.  which are made from Teak Roots. Some really neat applications can be found where the roots are cut into smaller rounds, and then pieced together to make a very interesting natural motif for a small table, or stand.



Sona Wood is another fast growing tropical wood which tables are being made from in Bali.


Writing this now, near the end of September 2012, we have a really big selection of tables to choose from!

If you are bored with the same old thing that the huge box stores have to offer, come check out what we’ve got for you, at one of our 3 locations in Calgary.

If you are looking to buy a table this season, come see what we’ve got on hand,  and if you don’t find the size you are looking for, you can place an order, and we will get one for you on our next journey to Bali, happening in October.
More info on Custom Orders can be found here

David with Dek, of Dek's woodworks

UPDATE check out these tables from our recent journey. They will arrive in Decmeber 2012 to Calgary

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    Hi i love those little table coffee table do you have them in stock ?please let me know 2 or 3 table i see on this pic and the little round one with a round glass please let me know and what will be the price on them
    also are you guys open on the weekend ?

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